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Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Discover the Most Effective Traffic Technique Methodology and wheter you should use free or paid traffic. Free traffic or paid traffic it’s always been subjective determined by whom is doing the work in the first place. Free traffic is not really free because all the work you need to put into it cost something, it takes the cost of opportunity that you could be learning something else; it cost whatever it i ...

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9 Must Read Books For Every Entrepreneur or Wannabe

This are the 9 must read books for every entrepreneur, business owners or those who are thinking of becoming one. I’ve read dozens of books over the years, and I like to point out that what I like to read the most are non-fiction books that really give something towards my personal growth, I love to learn new things but most importantly to implement what I learn. What you will learn through this books is in ...

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Money Management Techniques Used by The Rich People

The Money Management Techniques Used by The Rich People and why they keep getting richer and richer and the poor keeps getting poorer and poorer. One of the most important factors why the rich keeps their money and the poor keeps losing their money is because in one hand they know how to manage their money effectively and the poor doesn’t. The rich people apply certain techniques that not only let them keep ...

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Why you should start your own business

If you really want to be successful or find that famous financial freedom, you should start your own business and in this post/video I am going to tell why you should start your own business. Financial freedom is a subject that most people can relate to, because who wouldn’t like to be financially free? Unfortunately financial freedom involves more than having the money to cover your expenses, financial fre ...

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How to find the time to build your brand

Build your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. You must know that building relationships and trust is what ultimately will give you the opportunity to attract people that thinks alike and need what you're offering; build your brand is actually about yourself, forget about your business and your products, to build your brand you have to let the people know who is behind the company, ...

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If you want success, do something DIFFERENT today

WELCOME, I'LL TALK ABOUT HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS (THE REAL DEAL) I often hear that people would like to achieve success no matter what, but after analyzing the situation further what I find is that they themselves with big dreams and desires keep doing exactly the same thing, they even refuse to learn something new, a lot of people out there simply hope that success will happen by a miracle and that they wil ...

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