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How To Setup Your Money Making BLOG Step by Step

I took my time to give you a FULL TUTORIAL on how to setup your first money making BLOG! If you want to start generating leads and creating your list, a blog is a very effective way to brand yourself and to gain authority online. In the following video I will show you step by step how to setup your blog, what information to put and how to optimize it for search engines, even the plugins I use and where I ge ...

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Fear of Success? Be More Afraid Of Your Current Situation

Are you afraid to make a CHANGE in your life? Are you the kind of person that is held back to new things because of fear of failure or humiliation? You’re too worried what others might think of you? Seriously, I don’t understand a lot of people, they’re too scared of change I don’t know if it is because of routine or that is the only path they know, but one thing I am certain is that they know exactly what ...

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What is a sales funnel and how to apply it into your business

An efficient Sales Funnel is very important for your business these days And one of the most critical factors is to actually understand what it is and how it works, but most importantly how to apply it correctly to your business so you can increase your rate of prospects, sales and up-sells. A sales funnel is the essential key part of your business that without it you will find yourself losing a lot of cust ...

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Recommended Small Video-Camera To Skyrocket Your Video Marketing Techniques

Check out what I think about the new Sony HDR-MV1 In today’s article I share with you this new camera I just got that is making my life simpler with great video/audio quality, you see, when you’re doing some video marketing you really want to engage with your audience and if they have troubles hearing you or it is too noisy they will likely stop watching your video. So it is important that you deliver to yo ...

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The Millionaire Mindset – How To Set Your Thinking To Achieve Success

The millionaire mindset is a concept brought to us from the millionaire and best-selling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Mastering the inner game of wealth. A very important part of current millionaires is the way they think and act every single day, and to have a millionaire mindset or not could be determined whether you’re going to make it in the wealth arena or not. You may heard of people th ...

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A Business Owner Attitude That Will Pay You Big Time

In order to do well in business you need to have a good business owner attitude and that is to apply certain mindset techniques to maintain your focus in your business growth and in your profitability. You see, the business owner attitude consists of one of the fundamental parts of any business nowadays, without it, you’re condemned to failure, you must always be learning and adapting to new market conditio ...

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Surround Yourself With The Right People (avoid naysayers)

IMPORTANT NEWS: Surround Yourself with People You Can Model. Surround Yourself with the Right People. It is very common that someone wants to advance in his career but fail to do so for many reasons that they don’t understand, but most of the time they have the answer just in front of them… The people they hand with. I’ve heard the fiction story about a 40-45 years old guy who just found out that he doesn’t ...

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Internet Marketing Expectations

The Internet Marketing Expectations you should have if you’re looking to become an online entrepreneur. I created this video while I was driving where I talk about the expectations you should have if you’re going to become an internet marketing expert, I talk about software, tools and path you should follow in order to experience a smoothly road towards your internet marketing journey. You should be aware o ...

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