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About me

Achieve more time, money and freedom in your life & business

Achieve more time, money and freedom in your life & business

I’m Allan Gómez, I’ll turn 27 in Nov 2014, I was raised and born in Guadalajara, Mexico, I have a wife and one kid, I’m just a regular guy living a regular life (or not…)

My Story

I was the kind of person who is complaining about everything because life wasn’t fulfilling, my job wasn’t taking care of my basic needs and life just didn’t seem to be worthy besides of my family, the thing is… I wasn’t feeling like a real man because I didn’t have money to do extracurricular things with my family… at the end of the day one way or another you HAVE to provide, no matter how shitty is your job, no matter how bad your boss treats you, the money is essential.

One day I noticed my routine of constant complaints and I found that it was being detrimental for me and for those around me, that’s when I started to read Napoleon Hill books, Robert Kiyosaki for financial advice, I started to read entrepreneur and success magazines and started reading about personal development, it took more than 14 months for me to CREATE the guts necessary to change my life.

December 19, 2011. I quit my job with only $500 left in the bank, 6 days before Christmas!! With house obligations and my wife and kid waiting at home who also have needs, oh and I hadn’t purchased any presents for my son yet… Anyway, the reason I did that way was because that morning I woke up and thought “if I don’t change my life RIGHT NOW I will never do it” so I got my stuff, went to the office and walked straight to human resources and I said, you know what thank you very much, bla bla bla… obviously my wife was devastated “how are we going to pay for this, for that, food… bla bla” you can imagine… But I really felt that if I stay at the same routine, that same routine was going to eat all of my life.

Most people called me crazy, lots of them told me to start looking for a job right away, but I didn’t hear to anyone (including my wife), the struggle as you can imagine having every person around me advising me against my will, was big… but I managed to move with my life, I made a little money from here and there, failed at 3-4 business ventures, but I succeeded at others and now I can choose whether I want to work or not, what time I want to wake up IF I WANT TO.

All it took was determination, courage, GUTS, and SO MUCH CONFIDENCE that I am really capable of what I thought was impossible. JUST LIKE YOU CAN TOO, everyone has the ability to perform beyond their wildest dreams, you have the ability to do whatever you set yourself to do, it’s not magic, its constancy and determination that will take you to your desired path, but you have to start with something different TODAY, really… if you’re planning to make more money, get a raise or have freedom, but you keep doing exactly the same, you’re crazy, I’m sorry to say but you’re crazy, you have to do something different in order to achieve different results.

Now, the fact I quit my job without any directions don’t necessarily means you have to do that to, but you can start a home based business part time and once your income is twice as your salary then you can think about quitting your job…

Always have in mind that Success is achieved by three things: the right mindset, the right mentor and the right tools and it would be my pleasure to mentor you and give you or point you the tools needed for you to achieve more time, money and freedom in your life and business.

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© from 2011. Allan Gómez. Helping you achieve your financial goals to achieve more Time, Money & FREEDOM.

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