Steps For Success series :: Step #2 – Awareness Reviewed by Momizat on . Welcome to the Steps For Success series :: Step #2 – Awareness The previous post we talked about the steps for success series and the first step is mindset. Fir Welcome to the Steps For Success series :: Step #2 – Awareness The previous post we talked about the steps for success series and the first step is mindset. Fir Rating: 0
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Steps For Success series :: Step #2 – Awareness

AwarenessWelcome to the Steps For Success series :: Step #2 – Awareness

The previous post we talked about the steps for success series and the first step is mindset. First it is very important that you set your mindset for success, you need to envision what you want to be in the future and think about the ways to get there, if you haven’t read the First Step for Success: Mindset I encourage you to read that one first CLICK HERE

The second step for Success is Awareness, now that you followed the steps in the First Step for Success: Mindset you are aware of what you want in the future and possible ways for you to achieve what you want.

It is very important that you plan ahead and start thinking as if you were already there, that way you cheat your mind to believe that you’re already what you want to be, and your mind is going to work very hard to find the ways to get you there, even give you the courage to overcome your fears and limitations that are currently preventing you from achieving anything you want.

Awareness is very important because you cannot change anything unless you know there is something to change, something that is causing you slow your progress or limit your results, and that’s why you need to take some time and think about your failures and your successes, you need to analyze the situation and dig deep as to what exactly happened that could have been improved to change the results or make them better.

Think about the thought process that you go through when you’re attempting to realize a certain task, think about any negative thoughts that may come up in your mind, think about what could be limiting you to perform your task quickly or correctly. Several times we stop doing things because of our fears, for example what comes to your mind if someone invites you to speak in front of a crowd of 1,000 or more people? Is there any limiting belief that could prevent you from performing that task? The truth is that most people fear speak in public MORE than death and having awareness of that matter is a life changer.

What goes through is a process of thoughts, a process that is shaped according to your growing environment, meaning how your parents treated you, if they were too negative, if they were constantly fighting, etc. So it is very difficult for us to identify a negative thought because it comes as a habit, we don’t even notice we’re being negative. Negative thoughts are the ones that keep us from doing things or taking forever to accomplish them, it is very important that we become aware of this thoughts and replace them for a positive one.

You need to be in a process of awareness the whole day, that way whenever you find yourself thinking something negative just say to yourself “Thank you for sharing” and congratulate yourself for finding out, and replace the thought for a positive one, six months of doing this every single day will help you eliminate any negative thought almost completely.

awareness mindOnce you replace any negative thoughts that you may have had in the past it will be REALLY difficult for anything to stop you from achieving any level of success that you want. Just think about it, let’s say that you were afraid of riding bikes, you were having a negative thought process about it, something negative was coming up to your mind, either something that happened to you riding bikes or something that happened to someone else, if you were to remove and replace negative thoughts for positive one it wouldn’t be anything preventing you from riding that bike. It is the same for anything that you want to achieve, if you don’t go through a negative thought process, nothing will stop you from doing whatever you need to do in order to get it done.

Step 3 for success is Action, which is coming tomorrow, be patient, connect with me in Facebook (right sidebar section) so you are the first one to read it.

If you found some value in this post, please comment below and connect with me on Facebook, I’d love to hear about negative thoughts that have been preventing you to accomplish certain tasks for your success, and what would this post help you to change that.

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