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Fear of Success? Be More Afraid Of Your Current Situation

Are you afraid to make a CHANGE in your life? Are you the kind of person that is held back to new things because of fear of failure or humiliation? You’re too worried what others might think of you? Seriously, I don’t understand a lot of people, they’re too scared of change I don’t know if it is because of routine or that is the only path they know, but one thing I am certain is that they know exactly what ...

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A Business Owner Attitude That Will Pay You Big Time

In order to do well in business you need to have a good business owner attitude and that is to apply certain mindset techniques to maintain your focus in your business growth and in your profitability. You see, the business owner attitude consists of one of the fundamental parts of any business nowadays, without it, you’re condemned to failure, you must always be learning and adapting to new market conditio ...

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