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Mindset and Requirements to Become a Business Owner

Most people are scared to death about becoming a business owner because of the thought of losing everything. The mindset plays a big role in this thought. Since birth we’re raised to focus on getting a college degree and find a secure job where you can retire and live the rest of your life on your pension. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays business owners are the ones likely to live the rest ...

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Why To Be In The Business Owner/Investor Side Of Cash Flow Quadrant

If you haven’t heard the term cashflow quadrant I recommend you to read the very powerful business book of: Robert Kiyosaki – The Cashflow Quadrant The Cashflow Quadrant consists of 2 main sides of the quadrant: the left side or ‘Employee/Self-Employed’ and the Right side or ‘Business Owner/Investor’. Basically he teaches you why if you want to be financially free and have more FREEDOM in your life you need ...

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A Business Owner Attitude That Will Pay You Big Time

In order to do well in business you need to have a good business owner attitude and that is to apply certain mindset techniques to maintain your focus in your business growth and in your profitability. You see, the business owner attitude consists of one of the fundamental parts of any business nowadays, without it, you’re condemned to failure, you must always be learning and adapting to new market conditio ...

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Why you should start your own business

If you really want to be successful or find that famous financial freedom, you should start your own business and in this post/video I am going to tell why you should start your own business. Financial freedom is a subject that most people can relate to, because who wouldn’t like to be financially free? Unfortunately financial freedom involves more than having the money to cover your expenses, financial fre ...

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