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Why recruit people smarter than you?

Today we’re going to talk about a subject that is as important as the fact of managing your business, the goal that we’re trying to achieve is to find tranquility by letting your personnel to handle the needs of your business growth without your intervention. One thing that we already know is that the business is reliable as it is right now, and because of that reason we don’t want anyone to interfere in ou ...

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9 Must Read Books For Every Entrepreneur or Wannabe

This are the 9 must read books for every entrepreneur, business owners or those who are thinking of becoming one. I’ve read dozens of books over the years, and I like to point out that what I like to read the most are non-fiction books that really give something towards my personal growth, I love to learn new things but most importantly to implement what I learn. What you will learn through this books is in ...

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