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Why Learning Finance is Important?

It does not matter what career you have or you’re studying, or the place where you work, it is important to learn finance as a specialty, the same career or conferences and seminars about the subject. In economy finance is everything related to cash money flow between individuals, enterprises or the state. What you learn about finance is a privilege because you will learn how the money flows in reality, you ...

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Why To Be In The Business Owner/Investor Side Of Cash Flow Quadrant

If you haven’t heard the term cashflow quadrant I recommend you to read the very powerful business book of: Robert Kiyosaki – The Cashflow Quadrant The Cashflow Quadrant consists of 2 main sides of the quadrant: the left side or ‘Employee/Self-Employed’ and the Right side or ‘Business Owner/Investor’. Basically he teaches you why if you want to be financially free and have more FREEDOM in your life you need ...

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Money Management Techniques Used by The Rich People

The Money Management Techniques Used by The Rich People and why they keep getting richer and richer and the poor keeps getting poorer and poorer. One of the most important factors why the rich keeps their money and the poor keeps losing their money is because in one hand they know how to manage their money effectively and the poor doesn’t. The rich people apply certain techniques that not only let them keep ...

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