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How to Quit your Job in Less than 6 Months.

You’re either earning good or not, but you hate and want to quit your job? You should know that you’re not alone; a lot of people hate their job but because they’re afraid of losing their benefits and salary they keep working there and in many cases they “retire” from the same hating job. As to answer the question of this post, the easy way to quit your job is just go over your work and give your two week n ...

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Why To Be In The Business Owner/Investor Side Of Cash Flow Quadrant

If you haven’t heard the term cashflow quadrant I recommend you to read the very powerful business book of: Robert Kiyosaki – The Cashflow Quadrant The Cashflow Quadrant consists of 2 main sides of the quadrant: the left side or ‘Employee/Self-Employed’ and the Right side or ‘Business Owner/Investor’. Basically he teaches you why if you want to be financially free and have more FREEDOM in your life you need ...

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