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Fear of Success? Be More Afraid Of Your Current Situation

Are you afraid to make a CHANGE in your life? Are you the kind of person that is held back to new things because of fear of failure or humiliation? You’re too worried what others might think of you? Seriously, I don’t understand a lot of people, they’re too scared of change I don’t know if it is because of routine or that is the only path they know, but one thing I am certain is that they know exactly what ...

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If you want success, do something DIFFERENT today

WELCOME, I'LL TALK ABOUT HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS (THE REAL DEAL) I often hear that people would like to achieve success no matter what, but after analyzing the situation further what I find is that they themselves with big dreams and desires keep doing exactly the same thing, they even refuse to learn something new, a lot of people out there simply hope that success will happen by a miracle and that they wil ...

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Steps For Success series :: Step #3 – Action

Welcome to the Steps For Success series :: Step #3 - Action If you haven’t seen the previous two steps I encourage you to read them first click on the following links depending on where you’re missing so far. Step 1 for Success – Mindset Step 2 for Success – Awareness Do not continue reading if you haven’t read the previous Steps For Success Series. I know that you’ve probably been learning a lot ultimately ...

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Steps For Success :: Step #1 – Mindset for Success

Step #1 – Mindset for Success If you really want to achieve any success in your life you first need to work in your mindset, it is truly a difficult process because we’ve been taught a way to think, due to the environment that we live in, and the fast pace of life we live in. We’ve lead to believe that success is working hard to retire soon, but that is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard, at least in this new ...

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